Tuesday, 25 October 2016

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Asslamuallikum I really need immediate help. My problem is that many years ago, when I would go to the washroom, and thoughts such as the the Kabah out of no where would come in my mind even if I did not want to. After that my mind started becoming confused and I started loosing control of my ...10/24/2016
Assalam O Alikum my question is, is there a any dua or any wazifa that i can read for immigration purpose for my wife. jazak allah khair. 10/24/2016
Assalamualikum. I have a question regarding word "potluck". A friend of mine mentioned to us that in order to arrange gathering where every one brings their own food we cannot use the word potluck. postluck word and potluck itself is a culture of non muslims and we should not use this word. Note that the gathering is separate for genders and there...10/24/2016
Assalam u alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh. Please reply to fatwa I'd number 19075. Eagerly waiting. Jazakallahu khairan10/15/2016
As salam o Alaikum, My question is regarding car insurance. I bought a car on 5 year 0% interest rate and I have comprehensive insurance which is requirement of the car selling company, till all the price is paid off. I learnt now that it is haram to buy any kind of insurance but if there is...10/15/2016