Thursday, 25 August 2016

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Assalam u Alikum, Is it permissible to have two taraweeh salah in same masjid. One in first floor and other in second floor? In first floor, they pray 1 and 1/4 juz where as on second floor, they pray 3 juz. I want to pray 3 juz so that I can finish one quran in first 10 days and pray the remaining days in other masj...7/24/2016
salam mufti shaheb please reply my some of question 1.when we do ruku in salat where should we look ? there is any day or time mention in shariah for sexsula relationship with partner? 3.i born in 1970 but when i made a passport i write 1966 now my all documents are mention b...7/24/2016
Assalam Alikum, If Muslim women said "kya Allah aaker madat kertha" ya "auliya aaker madat" due to pregnancy pain in 8 month. does she lost her iman or no? if yes, do she have to repent(touba) and recite kalima again? how about her nikha(shaadi)? do the...7/24/2016
Assalamu aleikum I have some questions about this hadith "The Muslim is not allowed to abandon a Muslim brother more than three days. If three days pass and he meets him, he should greet him. If he (the other believer) returns his greeting, then they share the reward; but if he does not return it, he (alone) will ...7/24/2016
is it permissable for a muslim to accept change to avoid social isolation? Assalamu alaykum! i'm a male muslim student who, Alhamdulillah is following the sunnah & currently in college taking up bachelors in allied rehabilitation medicine. i have witness young muslims who, before entering college, were pious, praying 5 times a ...7/24/2016