Friday, 31 July 2015

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Assalamualaikum If one does not make any Waseeyath(will) regarding his/her 1/3 wealth, then what has to be done with that amount. Who is entitled to have it. How can they make use of it. Is there is any difference for the waseeyath distribution of m...6/23/2015
I want to know is it halal to earn income by selling life insurance & annuities? I will only get a license if that income will be halal. Please respond. Jzk6/23/2015
As-salam alekum, I have been married for almost 12 years and have 2 children. When i got married I used to live with my in-laws. Because there were so many problems, My husband and I moved out after 1.5 years. We continued to have even more problems then after a...6/23/2015
Assalam alaikum, How do you say Salam if a group of people are standing. If someone says assalam alaikum only once to all the people is enough or should he/ she goes to everyone and say assalam alaikum individually. What if a person doesn't reply to your S...5/19/2015
Please guide can we buy a home on mortgage while living in USA as it is not possible to buy home making cash payment. 5/19/2015