Sunday, 03 May 2015

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Aslamoalaikum mufti sahab. My family is under property dispute.I will narrate you the whole story. My grandfather were two brother.There were two sons from my grandfather i.e my father and my uncle and a girl child (my aunt) from the other brother...4/26/2015
Salam. I have a question to ask. One of my friend used to masturbate Now mashallah by the help of allah she doesn't do it anymore. In the past when she couldn't stop Sometimes she would even swear by, god, namaz and even the quran she wouldn't do this anymore!!! but she did and would swear again! IS this a major sin? Will she g...4/26/2015
I want to know about masturbation its rules and effects4/26/2015
Asalamualaikum mufti. How and where should one pray salaat when on plane?4/26/2015
Assalamualaikum Can a person die due to nazar or evil eye before his time of death ? 4/26/2015