Saturday, 25 April 2015

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Assalamualaikum mere shauhar jeddah me hai aur wo family visa nikalne k liye try kar rahe hai 2 months se lekin wo kaam nahi horaha hai kya aap kuch wazifa padhne k liye bata sakte hai jisse ye kaam aasani se aur jaldi hojaaye...Jazakallah3/24/2015
Is it ok to ask for death if you have no other way out of your life And what dua is taht3/24/2015
Assalam o Alaikum, Is leasing a car permissible in Islam? I heard there is a money factor involved, is it same as interest as car dealers say it buyer fee. Looking forward to detailed answer,,JzakAllah khair ! Wassalam, Bilal3/24/2015
Dear Mufti's Shariah Board/ Rahmate Alam Foundation, My question is Someone is practising picture stand of mine, Means you know for any painting a pose you have a stand and painting on it, So the one in my street who see me everyday he make a pose of me and put it on that stand, THIS PART...3/24/2015
Dear Mufti My question is about khabees (a shaythan found in toilet place) few aamil can see it also. Its place is our brain where it makes home.Main problem from it is two people fights and argue specially two good friends, or husband wife, two colleagues in office, father and son only two two mean...3/24/2015