Friday, 22 May 2015

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Assalam alaikum, How do you say Salam if a group of people are standing. If someone says assalam alaikum only once to all the people is enough or should he/ she goes to everyone and say assalam alaikum individually. What if a person doesn't reply to your Salam.Should we greet again to get the reply b...5/19/2015
Please guide can we buy a home on mortgage while living in USA as it is not possible to buy home making cash payment. 5/19/2015
Please can you advise me as to how to apply for Khula as My husband has been unfaithful and openly shows it. He disrespects me and has been violent towards me. We have five daughters but they are all married.I am a house wife. So please let me know how much would it cost and how to proceed....5/17/2015
Dear Mufti Sahab, I have been offered a job at Federal Reserve Bank of New York as Accounting Clerk. I will not be their employee currently; it is an assignment for a job agency that I am working for meaning I will be paid by the agency and not the Bank. My question is will my income be halal in current case and if it is in cas...5/17/2015
Asalam alikum, The cheetos website has updated it's website in February 2015 and they say that they have removed pork from cheetos. so can we eat them now? Jazakallah 5/17/2015