Tuesday, 30 September 2014

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Assalamualaykum, My name is Abdullah, and I am 16 years old. I did hifz as a kid and started school last year. Three years ago I started asking my father to let me buy my own ipod. I just wanted his permission, I planned to buy it with my own money. But he said no. I asked for his permission for two years but he kept saying no. I fianall...9/22/2014
Assalamo Alaykum: A person was praying sitting in the chair at the corner of a wooden dining table so she was doing sujud on the corner of the table. Someone told her that it is not good to do sujud on a wooden table, instead do sujud in air by bowing the head. Is this correct or it is better to do suj...9/22/2014
Aoa, I have been suffering from anxiety attacks since some time and i try to control my anxiety. Each time I step out of the house or when im alone i feel like i will die due to an heart attack and i get a panic attack then i control my thoughts it takes me about 30 minutes to get back to normal. This is making me live day to day life difficult, ...9/22/2014
ASSAMUALAIKUM. I have a pet dog which i purchased for rs.5000 & i want to sell it off. so can i sell it at profit or just cost or should i give it for free? JazakAllahu khair.9/22/2014
1. Why are there disunity and sects among Muslims like Sufi, Tablig, Salafi, Takfiri, Wahhabi, Khawarij, Shia etc..? Why is one killing another in the name of shirk, bidaa and kufr? Why the so called Salafis (Wahhabis, Takfiri, Khawarij) ex-communicate other Muslims? Is this Islamic act? D...9/22/2014