Saturday, 31 January 2015

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A husband issues two divorces to his wife in one sitting in anger. He takes her back the same day just by saying I'm sorry about the two words, and they start living together. Is this method valid? After a few months, again he says to his pregnant wife that if you go to your mother's house you are divorce/you consi...1/24/2015
whats the meaning of it allowed to keep it as name.someone told me its mean gate n not suitable as name for boys.please clarify it. rabia1/24/2015
Assalam u Alikum, Can you provide sahih hadeeth and ayaat that say if it is permissible or not to read quran for a deceased person and "Bakhash" it on them or do dua that the reward will go to them as a form of sawab. Jazakallah. If it is allowed, what is the correct method to do so? Jazakal...1/24/2015
Assalamualaikum, is it necessary to perform umrah with a mehram? We live in Toronto and want to do umrah but we don't have a mehram because my father passed away. My grandparents live back home.1/24/2015
Salam, >I want to give may baby girl name Inayaa?????? .My question is >Is it Arabic name?? >Can i use 2 names for girls in addition with father name like Inaya fatima it allowed in islam??this doing this effect meaning of names. >Someone said inaya is not a proper name a...1/24/2015