Tuesday, 13 October 2015

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Asalaam Walikum I came across the Sunnah of cutting nails search on Google and found site saying the ways (i.e, from right to left, etc.) but to addition to that they also mentioned about the days the nails should be cut like they mentioned that " The Messenger of Allah (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) ha...10/1/2015
Assalamualikum im afreen n i have two kids ,i wanted to take qula from my husband but he didnt sign the paper so i went to shariah board in india & they nullify my marriage .my question is that qula paper which is issued in india is valid here in usa ?if i show that qula paper translated in english.. do the...10/1/2015
Assalam alikum mufti sahib.I hope you are in good health. My question is about my doughter; her name is eram. Some people said that it has a bad meaning in the quran and that the name shouldn't be kept.Can you please tell me whether I can keep this name or not? Jazakallah ...10/1/2015
Is professional boxing wrong? If I only intend to do it for the love of the sport 10/1/2015
If you do istikara for divorce and see a dream and get it interpreted by an alim, do you have to follow the result. For example if the alim tells you that clearly in your dream it indicates you should take a divorce you would be happier do you have to follow this since you did istikara or can you still stay in the marriage? So my question is w...10/1/2015