Friday, 06 May 2016

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I had 3 c-section delivery with in last 5 years of time. My elder daughter is 4 years and 7 months, i got pregnant after 3 months of my first baby. My 2rd daughter is 3 years 7 months, after year and half i got pregnant again and now 3rd daughter is 1 year 2 months, All of this were born with ...5/5/2016
Assalamu alaikum. Mujhe 1 month ka ladka hai. As im a doctor mai unk umbilical cord stem cells storage k liye book karaye. As pery my knowledge wo cells se future me kuch health problems like blood disorder, Cancer,metabolic disorders treat karsakte n siblings k liye b...5/5/2016
Asalamualaikum Mufti. Lately, I've been feeling alot of distress. I just graduated from school and have been home for a couple of years. Ever since I've graduated school, I've become lazy and unfocused, not only in dunya matters but also in deen. Its been really hard for me to get up and start doing something. My imaan also feels ve...5/5/2016
salam,i have 2 daughters but they are very naughty,they screaming,shouting,hitting others,crying alot for no reason,they have also speech problem they are going to centre for speech therapy,iam very worried about their behaviour my younger daughter will go school in this year of september i...5/5/2016
Assalam Aalikum, Mufti saheb I am working as IT professional in India and drawing more than a lakh salary per month, due to this my tax deduction is more than 20k per month. As I am staying in rented house is it permissible to take loan for a permenant house and reduce tax...5/5/2016