Wednesday, 02 September 2015

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Assalamualikum Mufti sahab, A non muslima asked me a question from Sahi Bukhari, She was asking me in detail about it. I told her InShaAllah i will get answer from Scholar. She asked me few question, I want to ask answers for all of them, but as the limit is t...8/31/2015
ASA, my brother passed away recently. He has a surviving wife and 2 daughters; Father; Mother; one Brother and one Sister. He did not have any money but he had a tremendous amount of student loan debt. He also left a Life insurance policy with me and his wife. She is taking half ...8/31/2015
Asalam-o-alaikum Mufti sahib. I had a question to ask. I have been getting very bad and negative thoughts about our very important islamic people and places. I don't want to name them. Please What should I do? I have done Touba. But still I get those very negative and very bad thoughts. I try not to think about it but still. Also I have been havi...8/31/2015
Assalamualykum my question is based on my fifth pregnancy Which had happened unknowingly.ihave all the 4 previous Ceasarian Sections and i didnt go for Tubectomy according to islamic point of view but we never intended to have fifth child becoz of my improper health and complications during my fourth pregnancy.Me n my hubby are much worried a...8/31/2015
I have a question regarding hajj badal. My mom earlier this year made intention to perform hajj this year with my brother. She is very weak and and now regularly complain regarding headaches and fell down multiple times. She also cannot control her urine and when she feels urgency, she needs to go to bathroom right ...8/31/2015