Friday, 31 October 2014

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Assalam Alaikum Warehmatullahi Wabarakatuhu Mufti Sahab... I have feeling that even after istinja urine drops come out so after istinja I use a toilet paper to clean and then i keep a piece of toilet paper in my underwear in order to absorb urine drops. My ...10/26/2014
Assalamalaikum Mufti Sahab. My friend is in engaged in interior and exterior designing business. He usually takes contract from other people and do it on labor basis and sometimes the contract comes directly to him from which he benefits greatly. As of late,...10/26/2014
Assalam aleikum! I have sent you the same question twice but there is no answer. I wonder if i will read your answer to them .i dont want to write it a third time because it is long. Why cant i find your answer? Thank you10/26/2014
Assalam Alaikum Warehmatullahi Wabarakatuhu Mufti Sahab, I work in middle east and here the salat time is set by government, so all masjids follow the same timing. Asr salat time is set as per the Shafi timing, but usually the jamat is 30 mins after Azaan and by the time i come out of the masjid the Hanafi time starts. ...10/26/2014
Assalam-o-Alaikum Mufti Saheb, My question is regarding distribution of Qurani meat. We heared that we need to make 3 equal shares of Qurbani meat and give one share to poor, one share to neighbors/relatives and keep one with our self. Question is that can we give meat to poor people who are not muslim and to non-muslim neighbor/rel...10/26/2014