Monday, 08 February 2016

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Assalamualaikum I have a DVD about the history of Islam in America called Lost Found made by an American muslim brother. It is expensive and it contains faces, interviews, etc., and also has little bit of background music. Can I keep it and show it to youths to learn history or should it be thrown away or given to a non-muslim librar...2/7/2016
I have a few questions regarding divorce. I keep getting a lot of waswasa about divorce. My first query is does discussion about talaq constitute talaq? As a newly married girl I had once asked my husband "kya aapko maloom hai talaq Kaise hoti hai"? And he replied " talaq,talaq,ta...2/7/2016
Asslaamu Alaikum W.B, I would like to find out questions regarding Khula'. I have two wives. My first I was married too for 12 years and my second for 1 1/2 years. My first wife and I were having problems and she had left me saying she would not come back at the time I married my second wif...2/7/2016
Ask mufti saab.meri walda ko 5 waqt dylasis deya gaya hai lakeen phir bi kidny ki bimari door nahi hori aure bohoot zaida kamzoori hori yahaan tak ke utkar baid bi nahi sakre please duwa aure wazifa batayai.shukreya2/7/2016
Assalamualaikum I live in a city where the Masjid close to my home (2-3 minutes drive) offers Asr Salah according to Shafi’i time and another Masjid located at 8 minutes drive from my home offers Asr Salah according to Hanafi time. I am a Hanafi and under such circumstances am I allowed to offer Asr ...2/7/2016