Wednesday, 07 December 2016

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ASA, I have given 3 talaq to my wife in anger and since then I regret. Whats the ruling on 3 talaqs in one sitting in Sharia. I read during the Shaba time, incident happened where Hazrat Muhammad PBUH said (meaning more or less) is that it will count 1 talaq...11/23/2016
Assalamaualaikum Mufti sahab, My question is that whether all non muslims will go to Jahnnam and will never enter to jannat ? What about those non muslims who are in the ummah of Muhammad S.A.W. who believes in one god and good by akhlaak.But no one has ev...11/23/2016
salam mufti shaheb alhadulillah i got a new baby boy can i kee p his name syed muhammad abdullah ? as i am from syed family or which way will keep better jazakumollah khaier .11/14/2016
Asalamualaikum, Inshallah my wife and I will be bringing in a baby boy in to this world in a few months. I have a few questions that I was wondering you could help us with. 2.) We are planning on naming our Son Issa. What is the exact meaning of the ...11/14/2016
i hope and pray all is going well with you& your team. Plz enlighten me on this matter. Please address in detail with Dalail (proof & logic). 1)What is the Sunnah ruling on woman speaker addressing joint gathering (Men & women) in the masjid? 2)is it permissible for a woman speaker to ad...11/14/2016