Tuesday, 16 September 2014

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Aoa,my question is that it's been years I really tried to be punctual in namaz but failed.somedays I would be so good doing lot of tasbeeh!tilawat and prayers and next week I would get lazy .I really try hard to offer salah regular but my laziness stops everything .Is there any dua to be mo...8/12/2014
You have said in fatwa 18380 that if a girl masturbates in front of another girl without touching the other girl is zina. What kind of zina it is. Is it an actual zina (which is an actual intercourse) or is it a foam of zina which is lesser zina?? And does a girl lose he...8/12/2014
salam mufti saheb and thanks again for helping me to know about islam and fatwa . i have a one daughter 10years old and i am living with my wife i know that my daughter is not allow to live with us but my daughter is afraid to live her room alone so what should we do? my qu...8/12/2014
Asalam u alikum, I would be very grateful if you could help me determine whether the following transaction would be HALAL or not; (I can provide the contracts in pdf if required) Brief: The company is leasing a vehicle for a price which is the sum ...8/12/2014
Assalamalaikum janaab i would like to ask if nutmeg a small fruit like beatlenut, is it haram to consume or no, if it is haram why?.Jazakallah 8/12/2014