Thursday, 27 November 2014

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Assalamualaikum In the Revised Edition (2007) of the book SUNNATS complied by EMH SALEJEE published by Islamic Book Service the following is mentioned on Page 24 regarding Sunnats After the Completion of Salat "After the completion of fard salah to read 'A...11/24/2014
Assalamo Alaykum: Is it true that Rasulullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam saw some women hanging by their hair durinh Mei'raj because they were not covering their heads in the world? If it is true, please give references because some people say that a sheikh on TV said that women will not be...11/24/2014
salam,i have 2 daughters,barhi beti jo hai 4 saal ki hai lekin ziddi boht hai peeche parh jati hai muje chayie to chayie usme therao nai araha or choti b behad ziddi hai rona shuru karde to roti rehti hai or jo barhi hai wo baten b theek ni karti adhi adhi k...11/19/2014
assalamualaikum..Iam a student of B.Tech(3rd year)Iam currently in a state of depression and mental trauma and iam unable to concentrate on my studies.The reason of my depression is that i happend to meet a athiest who was my friend in my 11th and 12th.By mistakenly i asked him whether he believes in god but i w...11/19/2014
salam,mene pregnancy me apse apne buche ki bemari k barey me pucha tha k he has heart and brain disease now i got a baby and after birth he is in i.c.u,Allah ka shukar hai uska hole after birth bilkul khatam hogaya.but now uske dil ka ek valve theek nai hai lover b thoda barha hai iske feet te...11/19/2014