Sunday, 01 March 2015

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As Salam Alai kum, I want to check if it is permissible to use the money received in the form of interest from a bank to pay off any other interest. I was planning to purchase a car wanted to know if I could purchase the car on loan and pay the interest on the car loan from the interest received from the bank on my sav...3/1/2015
What's the correct way of offering prayer with it's related hadees and reference3/1/2015
Salam Ghar ke upar Solar Heater laga sakte hai kya? Maine suna hai ke Suraj ke roshani se garam kiye huye paani se naha nahi sakte us paani se bimari ka andesha hai. Mai ghar ke upar Solar Heater lagana chahta hu. Please iske baare mai sahi jankari chahiye. shafisayye...3/1/2015
Salam Maulana Saab, It may be a typical problem but I need help in something. My mother in law is old and started living with us past 6 months. In the beginning as she just came and was getting adjusted, my husband was giving her a lot of time. He was always with her in her room or the combined time we spend is only in t...2/28/2015
Assalamu alaikum wr wb!! Mufti sahab,I would like to know the ruling of shahriah in case where a baby has to b vaccinated with a vaccination which has gelatin(from pork)as one of its constiuent? and what about the vaccines containing constituents from other animals like calf, g...2/28/2015