Friday, 25 July 2014

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salam mufti saheb few question 1.when we go to ruko in salat where we should look same as when we ready sana and kirat by standing where we should look ? it allow to give salam to non mahram women and we reply their salam too?3. is it women are allow to read a quran loudly or they should pray silently ? shariah if any one...6/28/2014
Mufti Saab I tried telling my friends about benefits of Shab e barat and this is what he told me in response. What are your views on it. Growing up in Pakistan, the month of Sha’baan would bring in a lot of excitement and celebration. And that was because celebrating the n...6/28/2014
Is it permissible to watch islamic movies on youtube ?my kids love to watch but sometimes I get confused bcs instead of reading , the character that is shown just remains that in their mind ,though most of the stories are true .but Is it ok if I teach them about different na...6/28/2014
Asalam-o-Alaikum. My friend use to masterbate in Ramadan. She did not know it was bad. wHEN SHE FOUND OUT SHE STOPPED. So in the days she masturbated will she have to that days again? Also what if there are so many can she just do kaffarah, or does she have to do all ...6/28/2014
Assalamualaykum Mufti Sahab, I have a very important question, my husband came to the US and he facing many challenges in a finding a job in his field so currently he is doing an odd job. Because of this he is extremely stressed out and he was not treating his fa...6/28/2014