Wednesday, 16 April 2014

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Asalamualikum, My question is regarding is it mandatory for a women to stay in the in laws house even if the husband is not staying with in laws.actually I recently visited parents and in laws both stay in India and me my husband in usa. after four years I visited India alone with my question is in such circums...4/14/2014
Salam I have a 25 year old daughter, who is financially independent now Has cut herself off from me(mother) and rest of the family(everyone aunts uncles grandparents) for past 1 year because she thinks I am controlling her regarding her marriage.( she wAnts to marry non Muslim) We have no address, phone no , only email ad...4/14/2014
Assalam O Alaiykum Mufti Sahab, Mufti Sahab, I live in Chicago, Me & my wife have been trying to go for Hajj for last few years but just haven't been able to due to financial reasons. This year I am trying again but I have 2 questions. Can I use B.C/ Komety money for for half of ...4/14/2014
Introducing myself,I’m an Imaam and teacher in madrassah,married since 3 yrs.From the beginning of our marriage life we had difficulties during sexual intercourse,after Ruqya the problem was solved but gradually there has been repeated discussion between us and that ende...4/14/2014
Assalamualaikum, I want to go to US for my Masters Degree and the Universities in which i got admits are costly one and also very reputed one. My parents are asking me to take education loan as they cannot afford the huge amounts. Please suggest me whether I can take education loan as they ...4/14/2014