Saturday, 27 December 2014

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Assalam Aleikum1 Dear Sheikh1 I ma writing to ask you the following question.If a person becomes an object of ridicule and disgrace because of his health problems,how can he defend himself and where can he turn for help? Can he turn for help to local sheikhs if his faith is not Isla...12/24/2014
Assamwalikum, me and my wife just got married. What is your advice on keeping away from each other in her menses cycle. We find it hard to keep away from each other during her menses cycle. We know its not allowed, but any advice in sha allah we can get, so we don't commit this act of...12/24/2014
Assalamualykum, Before our son was born, my wife had done mannath that if its boy she would name the boy with the name of our Prophet(SAWS) as Ahmad. Alhamdulillah son was born. But I wanted to name the son as Umar. So we finally named our son as Umar Ahmad. Will this ...12/24/2014
Assalamo Alaykum: I performed Hajje Qiran ten years ago but I did not perform Twafe-qudum. Also, I did few nafal Tawaf after Hajj but do not remember if I performed Tawafe-Wida. Please guide me on how I can make corrections so my hajj will be complete and my errors will not have effect on my hajj. If I have...12/24/2014
salam,i h e 3 children before,o want to be pregnant again and iwant twins,i most loke twins babies plz tell me something and also for easy delievry12/24/2014