Saturday, 06 February 2016

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Currently i'm joining youtube adsense program. I uploded a video and then when my video is being viewed, the ads appear next to it. I hear that pictures is not allowed in islam. And my video is collection of picture (slideshow) that has a text on it. mostly the picture of anime. this is the example of my vid>>youtube.*com/watch?...12/16/2015
Assalamu Alaikum Inshallah we are expecting our second child. If we are blessed with daughter, we want to name her Afiyah Fatima and if with son., Mohammed Waqiduddin. I want to know about above mentioned names. What is arabic meaning of Afiyah and Waqid. Is these names have any connection with Sahabis of RasulAllah Sallalaho alai w...12/16/2015
I had a dream last night. I was in my parents house and squirrels were slightly attaching me. The last one held my shirt and as I swung it around I believe I killed it but I did not check if it was dead. It was a very intense dream and a few people told me it means something but they are not sur...12/16/2015
Assalamualaikum. May I know the ruling regarding ghusl. After performing ghusl one is in doubt whether water in ears or navel has been put or not. (Or .. some different part of the body). And in case of wazu if we do not remembered whether we have move the finger ring or not whil...12/16/2015
Assalamu alikum , I want to know if I could work in a bank or insurance company as an IT guy. My work will be to install servers , deploy applications, troubleshoot. Basically as IT guy. How, if it is difficult to get job at first stage where I am not in a condition to...12/16/2015