Wednesday, 07 December 2016

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ASA, I have given 3 talaq to my wife in anger and since then I regret. Whats the ruling on 3 talaqs in one sitting in Sharia. I read during the Shaba time, incident happened where Hazrat Muhammad PBUH said (meaning more or less) is that it will count 1 talaq not 3 talaqs. Also, whoever...11/23/2016
Assalamaualaikum Mufti sahab, My question is that whether all non muslims will go to Jahnnam and will never enter to jannat ? What about those non muslims who are in the ummah of Muhammad S.A.W. who believes in one god and good by akhlaak.But no one has ever ...11/23/2016
salam mufti shaheb alhadulillah i got a new baby boy can i kee p his name syed muhammad abdullah ? as i am from syed family or which way will keep better jazakumollah khaier .11/14/2016
Asalamualaikum, Inshallah my wife and I will be bringing in a baby boy in to this world in a few months. I have a few questions that I was wondering you could help us with. 2.) We are planning on naming our Son Issa. What is the exact meaning of the name Issa as we are getting some mixed reviews and would ...11/14/2016
i hope and pray all is going well with you& your team. Plz enlighten me on this matter. Please address in detail with Dalail (proof & logic). 1)What is the Sunnah ruling on woman speaker addressing joint gathering (Men & women) in the masjid? 2)is it ...11/14/2016